Online live casino games grew very popular the past years. Players are noticing the many benefits of playing live casino games. Fun Casino also provides its players with a live casino game section. This section offers the possibility to play live casino games from the comfort of your home. The live casino game section offers the most popular table games and the input to play are as low as a bet of £1 per round. This is much cheaper than other casinos who use a minimum bet of £2,50.


Playing online with a live dealer

You can play live casino games with a real dealer, who is present to direct the games. The live casino interface is specially designed to make the player feel at home and to give the player a clear overview of what is happening during the game.

Fun Casino Live Casino

The rules that apply at casino table games also apply to the live casino games. Another great benefit of live casino games is that the deposit is lower for these table games, then the ones played in a real casino. Keep in mind that during the game you are bound to a time limit within which you can place a bet. The time limit is always shown in the time bar of the interface.

The live casino table games

Fun Casino has more video slots and less table games, but they do have the most popular table games, known in casino history. Each live casino table game gives you the opportunity to win great deals of money. Below a summary of the available table games in the Fun Casino Live Casino.

  • Live roulette
    The European gaming rules apply to this version of Fun Casino live roulette. This means that in order to win, bets can be placed on a total of 37 numbers. You can choose to bet on random numbers or on complete series. This way you can spread your win chances evenly.
  • Live blackjack
    The live blackjack offered by Fun Casino will play you according to known rules. You play with a total of 2 cards hand in order to collect points. With a direct hand of 21 points you win the highest payout with a blackjack. However, you can also continue playing and ask multiple dealer cards. In addition, you win if you have more points than the dealer.
  • Live punto banco
    Players who play live punto banco can get their bet back to Fun Casino for a maximum of 9x. You have to choose whether the dealer’s hand is going to win, be a draw or if the hand of the house wins. In addition, a hand of up to 9 points and the hand with the highest number of points will immediately be the winner.

Discover a free live casino

When you sign in to your account at Fun Casino, you can navigate to the live casino section and discover what it has to offer. You are therefore not required to use your own money. The fact that watching the live casino for free is, of course, a big advantage.

After all, you can see what you can expect if you were to participate in a live gaming session. This policy applies to all game tables. On the other hand, you’ll also see Fun Casino dealers in action and see how they generate the necessary actions. As soon as your ready you can join one of these great live casino games and try your luck to win some great deal of cash.